It’s bad. It’s not as expensive as it used to be. But it’s still bad.

I’ve robbed my kids’ piggy banks to support it. Over the years, it’s become a part of ny budget.

I’ve changed suppliers based on pricing.  I don’t necessarily care about quality. I just know I need it.

It’s my coke habit.

When I was pregnant with Cam, I’d been drinking 2 1-liter Dr. Peppers every day, just at work. After his birth, DP was too sweet, and I changed to Coca-Cola. (Ha! I knew you’d think that!)

I guess it’s just the caffeine.  I feel no brand loyalty.  And I’ve really had to do some changing since the economy tanked. Instead of the machine at work, or the corner store in the way, I purchase the 12 pack of cans at whichever store had the best price. Right now it’s Hy-Top colas from the Brookshire’s.

And as I get older I don’t drink as many. Getting up at 4:30, I can’t drink cokes past about noon or I won’t sleep well. I’m down to 2-3 cans per day, which is good. Until you add in the half pot of coffee before I leave home.

What really bad habit do you have?

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