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Always keep your virus protection up to date.

I started couponing and stockpiling late last spring. A good thing, taking a pay cut at work. With school back in, I’m not AS addicted/insane about it, but yesterday I needed to restock toilet paper and cereal, so online I went for coupons.

And I  did really well at the store.

When I came home, I was not in the mood for lesson planning,  so I started Googling for coupons for monkey #2.  She has particular shampoo and toothpaste she uses, and I’m always looking for a better deal.

That’s when it hit.

All of my windows closed out.

A scan I didn’t recognize was running.

I immediately went back online and paid the $40 for Norton‘s protection program.

It kicked out partway through the download.

I now have an oversized Paperweight and no lesson plans.

I didn’t bother with antivirus past the free trials. It was pricey, my budget couldn’t take it, I’m not on the computer much, blah blah blah.

Lesson learned.

It will be a couple hundred to fix.  It’s Christmas.  I never have much extra money anyway.

Let this serve as a lesson to anyone reading this. Protect your computer. I have school files, taxes, pictures,  etc. all stuck, or being fed to some identity thieving hacker now.

The virus is Microsoft Privacy Protection.

Surf safely.

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I’m curled up in my bed, watching tv, munching boy scout chocolate popcorn, and reflecting on the day.

Something about cold temperatures exhausts me. It was in the 30s when I got up so it was hard to get out if bed. Apparently the heat is not on in my class yet. When I finally got home, we had to go get a Christmas tree.

I’m tired.

And I  just realized I’d rather go to sleep than write.

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I’ve said it before, but I often wish I could see the work through my children’s eyes. Monkey #1,  maybe not so much, because the tweenage boy baffles and often annoys me. But monkey #2 still has such a different perspective on things.

Their nana wanted to take them to mass this evening. Monkey #1 wanted to go, monkey #2 wanted to stay with me. My desire to sleep late tomorrow forced #2 to put on her dress and get ready to go.

She came up to hug me and I said, “Oh go brush those teeth. Funky breath! No boy will kiss you.”

“I’m not going to kiss, mom!”

“Not now, but when you’re older like your brother, you’ll want a boyfriend.”

“I only like tough guys. Girls like tough guys, mom.”

My seven year old daughter already has a type? So I needed examples of tough guys. Glitter’s son, Meathead’s son, Mr. Travis all qualify. Last year’s boyfriend does not because he was held back in the first grade, and apparently brains fit in the equation.

I didn’t dare ask if her brother is tough. Scared of the answer.

Where did I already mess up?

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It’s a tradition.  Every year, after demolishing the Thanksgiving meal, the Black Friday ads are spread across the dining table, the couch, the living room floor, as my in-laws develop a plan of attack for Black Friday. Then, they’ll nap in front of the big screen till Wal-mart/Target/Old Navy/Best Buy opens their doors and the bargain battle begins.

I enjoy shopping,  when I have money to spend. I really love a bargain.  But I won’t wrestle anyone for the tv/game system/Elmo. And I won’t wait in line for hours on end. It’s not worth it to me.

One year, I did go to Big Lots at 5 for a $99 DVR.  Another year, I went to Penney’s before my shift at the hospital. But generally,  it’s just not worth it to me.

A few years ago, I was honored to be invited by DH’s mom and sister to Black Friday shop with them. I think it was out of obligation,  since they’d already invited DH’s brother’s girlfriend.  And I wasn’t as excited once I realized they go to everything store,  touch every thing in every store, and gladly wait hours in line.

I was a trooper and kept my mouth shut, though DH’s mom loves to tell people how I whined the entire time. She even used it as an excuse not to allow monkey #1 to go with her today. Nice.

I did hit a few sales today. I’ve needed a new printer and the office store isn’t a huge go-to for the die-hards. Dad’s wife needed some makeup and we both like the craft store.

2 hours. Came, saw, got in and out. My kind of Black Friday.

The other kind should be renamed Black Plague.

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Is there anything harder to deal with than people talking due dates, dilations, and showers when you’ve lost a baby and your own due date approaches? Is it wrong to become quiet, excuse yourself from the room?

I know having a baby is exciting. I’ve been blessed with two.  But this time I miscarried. And I think I’m over it, most of the time.  Life has moved on.

But as that due date draws near, and the family grows excited for a different baby, the old wound reopens. The showers and baby talk are lemons being squeezed into a painful, open sore I thought till recently was healed.  My feelings are hurt, and my logic tells me I’m irrational as my heart screams against the thoughtlessness of it all.

But the baby talk will end soon and the hurt will fade and life will, once again,  go on.

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If parenting licenses were as difficult to obtain as drivers’ licenses, there’d be many feet parents. Not that a driver’s license is hard to get. But there is at least some knowledge and training involved, not just a few minutes of…you know.

I received a lovely invitation to a lovely baby shower today. DH’s cousin is due in a few weeks. The cousin who runs the roads with her husband constantly because her ill-mannered child is supervised by whatever sucker submitted to their request. That cousin.

And DH’s mom is making a to-do because the cousins have so little money and nothing for the baby.


My 2nd child wore a lot of hand me downs. Used a crib that had been through 4 other kids. Used the bottles I saved from the first kid. Our Sunday School class gave us a small shower, as did the girls at my work, but they just wanted to buy frilly baby girl dresses and threw showers for everyone . I know this, because I often did that with them.

I just don’t get the big deal. Why is the family kicking up such a fuss? 2nd baby, 2nd or 3rd shower so far. And though I hate crowds and a big fuss, I might be a little jealous. Because I did not have that.  Or maybe I hate that my kids lose all attention when there’s a new baby in the family.  I don’t know.

I think I’ll drop a pack of diapers at DH’s mom’s and call it done.

Because I don’t want to go.

Because I don’t respect his cousin as a parent.

And because I was supposed to be having a baby now, too.

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I woke at midnight to the lovely sounds of buck grunts emanating from the man-sized idiot box in my bedroom. After blindly reaching for a few minutes, I was successful in locating the remote control and clicking “off” without waking DH. Thankfully,  since that would have sent him completely the wrong signal. Back to sleep I went.

At 4, I was awake again. Why does my brain do this to me? I’m off this week. My one chance to sleep like a teen again. I laid in bed, arguing with my internal clock for thirty minutes before getting up to start the coffee.

What does one do so early in the morning? The kitchen is clean, I can’t vacuum, and nothing good is on tv.  I poured my coffee and settled at the kitchen table with a stack of essays.

As I read the reasons my 8th graders are thankful, it made me reflective again.  I appreciate the silence in my kitchen that provides my students my undivided attention that they deserve but don’t always receive. Instead of impersonal proofreading marks, I’m commenting on their thoughts and ideas. Positive reinforcement that I don’t always provide. Words of encouragement that they always need.

The toilet flushes at the back of the house and the peace of the early morning is gone. But I’m glad I had the chance to experience it and to share it with my kids.

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I assign my students “Weekly Writing” topics pretty regularly.  They have to practice writing essays for their high-stakes testing in the spring. Last week, they had to write about 3 reasons they are thankful.

Most of the kids wrote about food, their parents, their electronic goo ga’s. I had hoped for something deeper, but remind myself they’re 12-14 years old. This may be as deep as it gets right now.

But as I grade these essays with my little checklist rubric, I try to come up with 3 of my own reasons to be thankful. Mine really aren’t that deep, either.

I’m thankful for my family. Stepmom #1, I realized today, is truly my best friend. Like a tissue, she’s soft, strong, supportive, and always there when I’m snotty. My mom, distant and difficult as our relationship is, is there in her own way. I can accept her for who she is or move on. I’ve accepted my dad and his flaws. I don’t call him on his BS, because in the grand scheme, it really doesn’t matter. We have a limited amount if time left, and my kids need it to be peaceful.

Next, I’m thankful for the family I’ve created. The monkeys and DH make me nuts at times, but when I look around, I realize I have a good thing going.  Monkey #1, even though he knows more than I do ( he is 11), still looks to me for guidance in many things. Monkey #2 is my mini-me. She wants to spend time together and wants to be just like me when she grows up. (Hoping she outgrows that) DH may be selfish, immature,  and spend too much time with his stupid friends, but he still thinks I’m hot, which says something (maybe that he needs new glasses) and he tries really hard to provide for the monkeys and me.

Finally,  I’m thankful for my friends, both past and present. There are a few who have been in the picture 25+ years (love you like a sis, Beca) and some who have long ago painted themselves out of the picture. I have friends who live near by that I talk to a few times a month, and those who live hours away and I talk to regularly (love you like a sis, too, sunshine!) Whether or not they are still actively involved in my life, I’m grateful to those in the past and in the present. They’ve come into and left my life for a reason and helped make me who I am today.

After this, I need to add another thankful.  I’m thankful to my 8th graders for completing this assignment. My kids, without meaning to, often cause me to examine my inner self. I don’t think I’d do it without them.

What are 3 reasons you’re thankful? I promise not to grade your response.

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I really used to love the holidays.  Now they tend to stress me out. The places I don’t want to go, the people with whom I don’t want to spend “quality” time, the unseasoned food I prefer not to eat. I don’t consider myself antisocial, because I still love to entertain. I just don’t like forced family time.

If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know DH’s mother pretty much runs our lives. And I was doing okay. But I’ve started to push back. It aggravates me. If you don’t pay my bills, you don’t boss me around.

DH’s mother has never quite accepted sharing the holidays. Everything is supposed to be the way her family does it. No compromise at all. My family doesn’t love this, but they choose their battles.

I’ve been in bed a good bit of the day again, feeling sorry for my snotted up face, playing on my phone, and folding laundry. Suddenly my phone goes off. It’s no issue or surprise that DH’s sister is hosting this shindig this week. But this is the series of texts I receive:

Plans for Thanksgiving. We will be gathering at Darling Sister’s  at 2:30 on Thursday. We have turkey, Sweet Potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing, corn casserole, chicken & dumplings, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. We still need rolls and tea. Any takers?

I didn’t respond. Then I get this text:

DH you can do rolls, Super Cuz you can do tea. I also bought Dr Pepper. If there is anything you want not listed on the menu please feel free to bring it.

My first instinct is to ask when my husband started picking up jack crap for family functions. Then I want to know when he became single. And I’m the passive aggressive one?

I don’t want any of that food. Too many starches and nothing will be seasoned. The thought of turkey makes me want to throw up (I’ve ALWAYS done ham instead, turkey grosses me out), I only eat Glitters* chicken and dumplings, their dressing is wet and slimy, need I go on?

I may just be crabby.

I don’t want to spend my whole day there.

But maybe since my DH is single suddenly,  I can stay home and eat my own cooking.

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Years ago, when I worked in the pharmacy at Willis-Knighton,  the pharmacy director would often tell us to keep our “Kung Fu Funk” at home. She would rather the pharmacy be short-handed than germy.

As a teacher,  I’ve said this to my students. They use box after box of tissue and rarely wash their hands. It’s gross. I’m allowed 12 days off each year, and my administration prefers I don’t use them all.

DH got up at 4 yesterday to go hunting.  I got up with him, having slept little, my sinuses draining yet clogged.

Why? It’s Thanksgiving Break. A week of playing with my kids and fooling around the house, shopping and cooking. Why are my sinuses acting up?

After DH left, I started cleaning – my turn to host Bunco last night. Not ideal when you’re not feeling well. Around 6, I texted my dad’s wife requesting Sudafed.

Bunco came and went. By 11, the house was cleaned up again and I could go to bed.

I’ve been in bed ever since.

I’ve slept all day.

I still feel like crap.

Why does this happen when I’m off work?

DH’s mom kept sweetpea last night. She took her to PSR. And she told DH I’ve not even called to check on my child. Did I party too much at Bunco?

Maybe I didn’t call because I’ve been asleep all day? Because I’m sick?

I don’t want to be sick and dealing with drama.

I’m ready to go back to work.

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