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I assign my students “Weekly Writing” topics pretty regularly.  They have to practice writing essays for their high-stakes testing in the spring. Last week, they had to write about 3 reasons they are thankful.

Most of the kids wrote about food, their parents, their electronic goo ga’s. I had hoped for something deeper, but remind myself they’re 12-14 years old. This may be as deep as it gets right now.

But as I grade these essays with my little checklist rubric, I try to come up with 3 of my own reasons to be thankful. Mine really aren’t that deep, either.

I’m thankful for my family. Stepmom #1, I realized today, is truly my best friend. Like a tissue, she’s soft, strong, supportive, and always there when I’m snotty. My mom, distant and difficult as our relationship is, is there in her own way. I can accept her for who she is or move on. I’ve accepted my dad and his flaws. I don’t call him on his BS, because in the grand scheme, it really doesn’t matter. We have a limited amount if time left, and my kids need it to be peaceful.

Next, I’m thankful for the family I’ve created. The monkeys and DH make me nuts at times, but when I look around, I realize I have a good thing going.  Monkey #1, even though he knows more than I do ( he is 11), still looks to me for guidance in many things. Monkey #2 is my mini-me. She wants to spend time together and wants to be just like me when she grows up. (Hoping she outgrows that) DH may be selfish, immature,  and spend too much time with his stupid friends, but he still thinks I’m hot, which says something (maybe that he needs new glasses) and he tries really hard to provide for the monkeys and me.

Finally,  I’m thankful for my friends, both past and present. There are a few who have been in the picture 25+ years (love you like a sis, Beca) and some who have long ago painted themselves out of the picture. I have friends who live near by that I talk to a few times a month, and those who live hours away and I talk to regularly (love you like a sis, too, sunshine!) Whether or not they are still actively involved in my life, I’m grateful to those in the past and in the present. They’ve come into and left my life for a reason and helped make me who I am today.

After this, I need to add another thankful.  I’m thankful to my 8th graders for completing this assignment. My kids, without meaning to, often cause me to examine my inner self. I don’t think I’d do it without them.

What are 3 reasons you’re thankful? I promise not to grade your response.

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Ah, the real housewives of South Bossier. Seriously,  anthropologists could spend entire careers studying this rare breed of woman.  But that’s another blog.

Somehow or another, I’ve managed to infiltrate a Bunco club. As any good southern woman knows, it’s easier to get into a black tie event at the White House than it is to get into a good group for Bunco. So when I was invited AND asked to bring a good friend,  I was over the moon.

Okay, not really, but I was excited. You see, I have no social life during the school year. I leave for work before the sun comes up, I hurry home in the afternoon, and deal with the kids in the evening.  My husband,  on the other hand, as hard a worker as he is, is in two pool leagues, plays softball,  watches football at the club on base, and hunts. So one evening a month that I can get away, I’ll take!

This was very different from my last Bunco experience. First of all, there was an operational sink in the bathroom.  Next, most of the women were either in the military,  married to the military, or they were teachers. Finally,  everyone got along.  In fact, I don’t remember laughing so much in a long time.

Now, I say we didn’t gossip. That’s the truth. But we took a break every 4 hands. On those breaks, we went to the patio to smoke and chat and sip on our ladylike daiquiris. We talked about work, our families, our husbands, and…underwear.  And underwear issues.

Apparently, one of the girls has issues sliding her lingerie over her lumps and bumps during those romantic moments. So another of the girls went into a long speech about not buying size small when your a$$ has a bumper sticker declaring CAUTION: wide load.

We also discussed the possibilities of Crisco. Yes, in the south, we firmly believe in Crisco.

Not every Bunco club is like this. There are some that don’t do alcohol, or smoke breaks. I think those ladies are all Baptist women and get home by 7.

During one if the smoke breaks, shopping came up. We South Bossier women love our shopping. For me, it’s the grocery store. The cashiers at Brookshire’s miss me terribly if I’m not there once a week. But these ladies and I aren’t recreationally shopping the same venues. Last night, I learned about Cindies and the Love Boutique. You know, those stores with the discreet paper sacks?

I guess I’ve really missed out.  There are all kinds of goodies I could purchase if it weren’t for my addiction to sugarfree gum and Hy-Top sodas. I’m sure Russy would be thrilled if I redirected the grocery money.

The one thing the girls talked about that made me curious was the flower ring.

For a while now, I’ve seen my students and women around town with these huge flower rings on their manicured hands. I assumed they were products of Dollar Mania. Know what happens when you assume?

So I found out last night, these rings light up.

And they vibrate.

As one of the girls said, there should not be a need for a light in that region.  Houston, we have a problem.

There’s going to be a serious dresscode check in my class Monday. Bunco was fun, and social,  but it was incredibly educational, too.

I can’t wait for next month!

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About 2 years ago, I was working in a school whose future seemed quite precarious. That year, there was a good chance it would be shut down and all the employees redistributed or laid off.  By March, we knew we’d ALL be laid off, with a chance of being re-hired.

Teaching in a “Target” school would have a lot of additional duties,  expectations,  professional development,  etc., but there would be incentive pay attached. It was tempting to try to stay, but I really didn’t get into teaching for the money. When transfer papers came out, I included my school, but I put some others down that I preferred.

One of those schools is north of town. It would be quite a hike, but I had worked for the principal before. He had 9th grade spots open. I wanted that job.

I interviewed on a Sunday afternoon. Not the best interview ever, but not the worst. And then I waited. And waited. And waited….

When I heard through the grapevine a good friend of mine got the job, my feelings were hurt.  The principal,  of whom I’d always thought highly and had much respect,  hadn’t had the courtesy to let me know I hadn’t been chosen. And my friend,  who often borrowed my lesson plans to cover his own butt, hadn’t told me himself. I lost all respect for the man who’d given me my first shot teaching. And I stopped speaking to my friend.

I spent the next two years  in that school. Principals came and went, requirements came and went, the State came and stayed. I taught kids who came to me with no skills and did the best I could.

This summer, I was offered a transfer.  Honestly, if I’d been offered English II or English III,  I’d still be at that school. Instead, I took a position teaching 8th grade ( a high stakes group) for less money. It’s a new kind of stress, but I’m happy.

And this week I went to a convention.  My old friend was in attendance.  He still doesn’t really understand why I was hurt, but I do understand why he didn’t tell me. And I’m grateful to him for taking that job. And u got off my high horse and thanked him. His school is at a D this year, and continues to drop, while mine is at a C, almost a B. Teachers come and go there, and complain. Financially,  I was better off for those two years. I touched the lives of some really neat kids. And I ended up at the better school.  You do the math.

Everything happens for a reason.

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